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As in the past, Zolfital is exercising an essential function of link between the phase of Sulphur production and the utilization basin, constituted by the Industry for production of sulphuric acid and caprolactam, for sulfonation process, for industrial and agricultural uses.

In fact, Zolfital does not limit itself to the Sulphur marketing activity but it intervenes in the field of logistics and products transfer flows.
Due to its more than thirty years of experience and its always updated knowledge of the needs of every consumers, Zolfital can boast the possession of a very thorough know-how of the sector and is able to utilize the most suitable and convenient means of transport: road or railways tankers, solid Sulphur by sea, many other solutions.

/ since 1966 at disposal of the best firms

Zolfital starts in 1966, in coincidence with the abolition of the monopoly regime of "Ente Zolfi Italiani", as service Company for all the Sulphur Italian main consumers (Snia Viscosa, Chatillon, Cisa Viscosa, Rumianca e Montedison). Since the beginning, Zolfital bases its activity on the supply management of Sulphur in all its various forms to the Italian market.

Its role always meets bigger consents in the industrial sector, since the Sulphur by mines extraction is gradually abandoned and replaced by the one coming from the petroleum refining process or from import.
In Italy, the refining process practically constitutes the only source of production of Sulphur by now. At the same time, the market has been evolving through a progressive rationalization process. In January 1999, Zolfital became Agip Petroli (today ENI S.p.A.) sole distributing agent of the Sulphur produced in its refineries on the Italian territory.

/ operative and skilled global partner

The Sulphur Italian market is characterized by a production, which shows a certain variability, not always coherent with the trend of the demand. This fact highlights the interest for the industry to seek qualified partners as Zolfital who are able to absorb the surplus when needed.
As matter of fact, the main producers (refineries, crude and natural gas extraction plants) feel the need to address an external organization capable to guarantee the withdrawal of the produced Sulphur; because of they are mainly busy with their core business.

The national users know they can count on a highly trust able supplier, capable to satisfy their specific needs. Zolfital is present on the market as global service supplier. Zolfital presumes to manage this task in the most efficient way due to its long experience in the sector and its capability to understand the needs of the market and its users.

The human resources belonging to Zolfital permit to develop further steps in the services sectors with benefit of the Sulphur producers and users. In 2009, on the basis of acquired know how, Zolfital Service starts its activity with a Sulphur solidification Plant located in Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa), just in the hearth of the chemical- industrial center of Sicily; the Plant is dedicated to the withdrawal of liquid Sulphur with specific tankers, to the solidification of the product in pastilles with Accudrop® units by Steel Belt System, storage and loading at the commercial port of Augusta.

This phase has permitted to Zolfital to offer the whole service to the Companies in the sector, taking care about all the problems within the organization of the Sulphur, starting from the production sites to the sale and delivery to the final customer.


Zolfital is a partner of the “LIFE RecOrgFert PLUS” project

The Project aims at recovering alkaline and infertile soils through the final development and fine-tuning for the market of a new organic-mineral fertilizer. This new organic-mineral fertilizer is produced with a patented technology using Sulphur fine-mixed with bentonite clay (to make it friable and easy to be absorbed by plants) and dried orange peels, locally sourced from polluting agricultural wastes, such as orange peels

/ always at disposal of the best firms

Among its clients, Zolfital numbers the most important Enterprises operating in the world of Italian Refining and Chemistry:

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Homage to “ The Sulfur-mine” by Guttuso – 1953 Extract from the volume” The sulfur in Italy”, deeds of the National Convention of sulfur – March 1961 – Ente Zolfi Italiani

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